FPA Bicol inspects 57 dealers, issues 3 NoVs in Sorsogon

Written by : Ardon Ryan E. Nee-Estuye, Agriculturist II |  Published: 28 September 2023




SORSOGON | September 22, 2023 – Fifty-seven (57) fertilizer and pesticide (f/p) dealers were inspected during a Clean-Up Drive (CUD) operation on September 12-14, 2023, in the Province of Sorsogon.


FPA Bicol gave the violators thirty (30) working days to comply or secure a License to Operate (LTO).


Meanwhile, compliant dealers were commended and warned not to purchase f/p products from companies that are not FPA registered. They were also reminded that all pesticide products have an approved shelf life of two (2) years from the date of formulation. Hence, they should only order enough supplies of slow-moving products.


Further, the team inspected and monitored the accredited merchants' prices for the Fertilizer Discount Voucher (FDV) program of the Department of Agriculture - National Rice Program to ensure the quality of fertilizers being distributed. FDV program covers subsidies for eligible beneficiaries to ensure quality rice production and food security.


The team is closely coordinating with the DA-RFO5 Rice Program to implement FDV.


Regional Officer (RO) Gabriel B. Atole led the inspection with Provincial Officers (PO) Christopher Nuñez, Winsor Nueva, Rodny Conda, Rosie T. Malazar, and Ardon RyanNee-Estuye. ###



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