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#1 Revocation of Itchan Fertilizer Manufacturing's LTO and CPR

Please be advised that the License to Operate (LTO) and Certificates of Product Registration (CPRs) of Itchan Fertlizer Manufacturing, manufacturer of the product Xian-Bee Complete 14-14-14 Granular, have been revoked due to violations of Presidential Decree No. 1144.

Through the continuous monitoring of our Regional Field Units (RFUs), it has been confirmed that the aforementioned product does not conform to the standards based on its guaranteed analysis, making it off-specifications. However, despite the issued suspension order, it has been confirmed that the company has continued production and distribution of its product via online and direct selling to farmers.

As we continue to address these issues concerning the fertilizer industry, we would like to remind the public to always buy fertilizer and pesticide products from duly licensed FPA dealers to ensure that the products you buy conform to the standards.

Further, we also encourage the public to report to us those individuals or groups who sell fertilizer and pesticide products without appropriate licenses to operate as fertilizer product handlers, and those selling unregistered, fake or off-specification fertilizers, and together, let us combat these illegal acts for the benefit of the whole industry.

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#2 Lifting of SUMS Order to Swire Crystalline Ammonium Sulfate in D.B. Alacantara Agri. Supply

This refers to the Stop Sale, Stop Use, Stop Move, and Hold (SUMS) Order dated August 1, 2022, issued by our Field Personnel in Region II to D.B. Alacantara Agri. Supply Involving the product Swire Crystalline Ammonium Sulfate with registration no. 1-1IF-7423.

Upon verification with our laboratory services division, it has been confirmed that the product meets the required standard based on its guaranteed analysis. Attached as Annex "A" is the test results evaluation summary (TRES) for your reference.

In view thereof, this Office hereby lifts the SUMS Order effective immediately.

For your information and guidance

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#3 Proliferation of fertilizers with dubious packaging

In response to the proliferation of alleged fake fertilizers in the Philippines, the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) conducted intensified monitoring through its Regional Field Units (RFUs).

Pursuant to a report from our RFU from Region II that multiple 50kg sacks of the products Philphos Ammonium Phosphate and Philphos 14-14-14 with registration nos. 1-1IF-7464 and 1-1LF-013, respectively, with dubious packaging, were seen proliferating in the market, this Office ordered the collection of samples thereof for laboratory analysis.

Based on the results of the laboratory analysis conducted by our Laboratory Services Division (LSD), the products did not meet the standard based on their guaranteed analysis. As such, the company was informed about the actions conducted by this Office and was given an opportunity to explain. The company denied involvement on the said products with dubious packaging and informed this Office that it did not supply the same.

Hence, in the spirit of public service, this Office humbly requests the public to refrain from patronizing the abovementioned products and report any movement of these products to help combat their proliferation. Moreover, let this be a reminder for the public to be vigilant on these products.

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ISSN: 2815-1674

FPA Bicol inspects 57 dealers, issues 3 NoVs in Sorsogon

Written by Ardon Ryan E. Nee-Estuye, Agriculturist II | Published: 28 September 2023 | views: 140

SORSOGON | September 22, 2023 – Fifty-seven (57) fertilizer and pesticide (f/p) dealers were inspected during a Clean-Up Drive (CUD) operation on September 12-14, 2023, in the Province of Sorsogon.


FPA, CBSUA inks collaboration to strengthen information on the safe and judicious application of pesticides

Written by Gabriel B. Atole | Published: 28 September 2023 | views: 139

CSC confers PRIME-HRM Bronze Award to FPA

Written by Camille-Mai Valles | Published: 19 September 2023 | views: 689

FPA conducts INSPIRE workshop to strengthen and improve institutional capacity

Written by Ivan P. Layag and Camille-Mai Valles | Published: 12 September 2023 | views: 837

Dir. Lansangan leads fertilizer warehouse inspection in San Fernando, La Union

Written by Noel Tablada | Published: 18 August 2023 | views: 562


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Phl, Brazil push for sugarcane, ethanol industry development

Author: DA-AFID | 30 August 2023

Following the Philippine Department of Agriculture – Sugar Regulatory Administration (DA-SRA)’s visit to São Paulo, Brazil early this year, delegates from the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and the Embassy of Brazil in Manila met with DA officials on August 29 to discuss areas for cooperation between the two countries to boost its sugarcane and ethanol industries.



KADIWA receives 4,000 MT sugar from BOC

Author: DA-AFID | 1 August l 2023



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The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) is a technical regulatory agency mandated to assure the public of safe and adequate supply of fertilizer, pesticide and other agricultural chemicals by providing quality services on the issuance of licenses, registrations and permits.


We commit to continually improve our Quality Management System (QMS), to enhance our services, and to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements for the satisfaction of the stakeholders.




Establishing the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority Gender and Development Focal Point System (FPA-GFPS) is in compliance with Executive Order No. 273 directing all government agencies to institutionalize a mechanism of ensuring the full implementation of the policies, strategies, programs and projects outlined in the Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development.


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