53 vegetable growers learned safe handling and management of pesticide during GAP training

Written by Roselle Anne Jose  l  Published: 22 June 2022






NUEVA VIZCAYA | June 21, 2022 – FPA Regional Field Unit (RFU) II trained 53 vegetable producers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in partnership with the Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Field Office (RFO) II.


From the 53 attendees, 28 were from Runruno Community of Quezon, and 25 were from Magapuy Farmers of Bayombong.


Provincial Officer (PO) Roselle Anne Jose discussed the Pesticide Management. “We should read, understand and follow what is indicated in the pesticide label to be able to produce pesticide-safe vegetables,” PO Jose said during her discussion.


She also suggested using other techniques like Integrated Pest Management (IPM) wherein four methods are used in controlling pests - cultural, physical, biological, and chemical method. Pest control included selecting planting materials, cleanliness in the area, introducing bio-control agents, and others before using the chemical methods.


“Farmers should not rely solely on the use of pesticides. It should always be the last line of defense,” she added.


The participants of the training expressed their gratitude for the information shared by FPA and DA. According to them, they heavily relied on chemicals to prioritize better quality produce while setting aside the harmful effects of these pesticides on them and their consumers. They promised to adapt the knowledge they gained in the training.  ###






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