FPA attends 2021 Year-end meeting of BBMPA

Written by Rowena Bilig, Provincial Officer in Baguio and Benguet  l   Published: 22 December 2021




December 22, 2021  |  Benguet – The officers of the Baguio, Benguet Mt. Province Agricultural Association (BBMPAA), Inc. invited FPA during their gathering on December 21, 2021, 6:00pm to 10pm in La Trinidad, Benguet, with the agro-chemical companies operating within the locality.


FPA Deputy Executive Director on Fertilizer Myer G. Mula, Ph.D. expressed his gratitude to the great contributions of the various entities within the fertilizer and pesticide industry to the achievement of FPA’s mandates. He encouraged the group to continually assist FPA in its activities for the benefit of everybody most especially the farmers.


FPA-CAR Regional Officer Rogelio B. Tanguid and Provincial Officer Rowena F. Billig were also present during the activity. Updates and ways forward were briefly presented for further discussion during the general assembly of the association by first quarter of 2022.


The BBMPAA, Inc. is among the strong links of FPA-CAR to the end-users of the fertilizer and pesticide inputs. Also, they assist in the enforcement of implementing rules and regulations of FPA.


All dealers / distributors of fertilizer and pesticide within Baguio City, Benguet, and Mt. Province are being encourage to be a member of the association as part of their corporate social responsibilities.


Among the activities of the BBMPAA, Inc. is provision of gifts to all member-establishments. And the association is looking into expanding their membership to other nearby provinces within Cordillera.


The agro-chemical companies are providing assistance in any form to the operations of the BBMPAA, Inc. // Rowena F. Billig





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