GENERAL SANTOS CITY | JULY 18, 2022 – SARGEN-FPA Provincial Officer (PO) Joey B. Pascua conducted a lecture on the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority’s (FPA) mandates to sixteen (16) corn farmers from General Santos City and Sarangani Province. He highlighted that the FPA assures the public of a safe and adequate supply of fertilizer, pesticides, and other agricultural inputs by providing quality services in issuing licenses, registrations, and permits.


Additionally, PO Pascua discussed soil, fertilizer, and plant growth. He emphasized that combining inorganic and organic fertilizer results in better crop growth.


“Combining inorganic and organic fertilizer promotes higher crop development and a more stable yield than any single type. In addition, humus releases nutrients slowly, acting as stored food for the crop throughout the growing season,” Mr. Pascua reiterated.


Balanced Fertilization Strategy (BFS) was also promoted to lessen the excessive use of inorganic fertilizers and other inputs in agricultural production that may lead to soil deterioration, affect soil health, decrease sustainability, and in the long run, may create negative impacts on crop yield.


BFS is recognized site-specific nutrient management to improve fertilizer use efficiency and refers to the application of plant nutrients in optimum quantities in the right proportion through the appropriate methods at the time suited for a specific crop, soil, and agro-climatic condition that leads to soil health building (Balance Fertilization Strategy (BFS) Program).


In addition, he urged the farmers to submit soil samples to the DA-Soils Laboratory in the region to establish the condition of their farms and receive fertilizer recommendations. Moreover, he suggested that farmers utilize farm wastes such as decomposed straws, husks, leaves, grasses, animal manure, green manuring, and other techniques to improve soil health and productivity and prevent the decline in soil fertility and reduce fertilizer costs and availability.


The activity was conducted at Venue 88 Resort and Events Place, General Santos City, in coordination with the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office XII- Regulatory Division during the training on Philippine Good Agricultural Practices (PhilGAP) for Corn on July 13, 2022. ###


Written by: Joey B. Pascua | Published: 20 July 2022

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