ANTIQUE |April 5, 2022 – The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) Western Visayas, in coordination with the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD), convened with the Local Chief Executive and Farmers Association of Barangays Alingalan and Bangi of San Remegio, Antique on March 31, 2022.


The activity was headed by Dr. Myer Mula, SAAD National Director and FPA Deputy Executive Director for Fertilizer. He was joined by Dominador Marquez, DA RFO VI Chief of Operations, and Noel Negre, FPA RFU VI Regional Officer, the SAAD and FPA Region VI Team.


One of the topics discussed during the meeting was the FPA’s resolve to be more proactive in promoting the balanced fertilization strategy (BFS) to help marginalized farmers to adopt a new technology that will satisfy the crop nutrient requirements and rebuild soil health through the use of both organic and inorganic nutrient sources.


Dr. Mula emphasized the importance of the BFS.  Provincial Officers Raymund Alfor and Rogelio Crespo also pitched in to impart their knowledge and practices with their self-developed technology concerning the BFS Program.


FPA Regional Officer Noel Negre presented to the group the FPA’s mandate and programs.  He also explained the reasons behind the abrupt increase in the price of agricultural inputs.  He added that the BFS program shall be integrated into the next training on the Safe Use and Handling of Fertilizers and Pesticides in Region VI.


The President of the Farmers Association and its members were pleased to learn about the government intervention program that augments their income.  They were also motivated to develop and replicate the BSF program and will happily share it with their neighboring counterparts. ###


Written by:  Rogelio Crespo | Published: 6 April 2022

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