BUKIDNON | June 6, 2022 – Provincial Officer Christie Lim conducted water quality sampling for the safe re-use of waste water for fertilization of JMC fresh fruits packing house, feedlot and slaughter house in Del Monte Philippines Incorporated on May 17, 2022.


Samples were sent to the regional soils laboratory for further testing. The result of the laboratory analysis will determine the issuance of certification for allowing the re-use of waste water for agricultural base on the limitation of parameters stipulated on the Philippine Clean Act of 2004 and the Department of Agriculture (DA) Administrative Order (AO) No. 11 series of 2019.


The order stipulated that wastewater can be used as liquid fertilizer. It is also stated in the AO that all wastewater generators that will re-use wastewater for the purpose of irrigation, fertilization and aquaculture shall secure a Certification of Safe Wastewater Re-use from concerned agencies (DA AO No. 11 s. 2019).


The following sources may be used for wastewater treatment:


  • Livestock – includes piggeries, beef and dairy feedlots
  • Food and agro-industrial processes – include food handling, processing and manufacturing plants, sugar mills, refineries and distilleries, including biofuels production, slaughterhouses and poultry dressing plants
  • Aquaculture – includes ponds, tanks, and aquaria
  • Municipal/domestic wastewater – sewage/septage treatment plants (STPs)


The FPA shall issue certification of the re-use of wastewater provided that they comply the requirements stated in the order.





Department of Agriculture. (2019). Department of Agriculture Administrative Order No. 11 series 2019: Revised Guidelines on the Procedures and Technical Requirements for the Issuance of a Certification Allowing the Safe Re-use of Wastewater for Purposes of Irrigation and Other Agricultural Uses, Pursuant to Section 22.C of R.A. 9275 Otherwise Known as the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004. http://bswm.da.gov.ph/download/da-ao-no-11-s-2019/


Written by: Christie Lim | Published: 06 June 2022

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