ISABELA | June 6, 2022 – On June 2, 2022, FPA Regional Officer Leonardo Bangad visited the Aljay Agro Industrial Solutions fertilizer production factory in Nabbuan, Santiago City. The activity aims to determine if the company complies with FPA regulations and inspect the fertilizer produced in the area.


As a result of the inspection, it was found that Aljay Agro Industrial Solutions is compliant with the FPA standards on fertilizer warehouse practices and operations.


Furthermore, the company produced 10,500 bags of fertilizer per month, meeting the volume needed by the farmers in the Cagayan Valley. As planting season is approaching, farmers demand bulks of different fertilizer grades for their rice and corn fields.


However, fertilizer products are scarce for the coming planting season. In response, the Department of Agriculture and the FPA promoted the application of the Balanced Fertilization Strategy (BFS). The BFS is the application of site-specific nutrients to the soil in optimum quantities in the right proportion through appropriate methods at the right time suited for specific crops.  Farmers are advised not to rely solely on inorganic fertilizer but to incorporate organic fertilizers without compromising the maximum yield.


Aljay Agro Industrial Solutions signified its willingness to participate in the implementation of the BFS program.###


Written by: Arwin Cardenas | Published: 06 June 2022

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