BOHOL | June 08, 2022 – The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) in coordination with the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) met with 156 farmer beneficiaries of the Integrated Carabao and Vegetable Production Project in Buenavista, Getafe, Mabini, Bohol on June 7-8, 2022 to promote Balanced Fertilization Strategy (BFS).


The farmers present were members of Catigbi-an SAAD Farmers Association, Taytay SAAD Farmers Association, Minol Rice and Vegetable Grower Farmers Association.


The team was led by Deputy Executive Director for Fertilizer Dr. Myer G. Mula, Bohol APCO Aurea M. Madrio, FPA Planning Officer Atty. Errol John Ramos, Regional Officer Arnulfo L. Arausa, Jr., Provincial Officers Andy Cornell G. Bornillo and Jesus A. Muring, SAAD Regional Focal Person Ian H. Egam, SAAD Provincial Coordinator Ma. Reigelyn Malarijes.  


The BFS Program is a long-term solution to address the rising price of fertilizer globally and the deteriorating soils by judicious use and/or combination of inorganic and organic materials like rice straw, livestock and chicken manure to supply plants with appropriate nutrients to ensure that the crop can sustain high production over long cropping periods preserving the nutrients and improving soil structure.


As requested by the farmers, FPA scheduled a training on safe and judicious use of fertilizer and pesticide on June 28 and July 6-7. ###

Written by: Andy Cornell G. Bornillo | Published: 06 June 2022

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