Written by: FPA Info Section | Published: February 15, 2021

As a way of celebrating another year filled with lessons, accomplishments and memories shared by FPA employees and stakeholders, the agency held its Year-End Program convening all FPA employees from the Central and Regional Office on December 6, 2019 at the FPA Auditorium.


“Let us continue to strive hard to provide the best service our stakeholders deserve,” said Executive Wilfredo Roldan while citing the reforms instituted in the organization since he took the FPA leadership. He recognized the efforts by the FPA employees and the industry stakeholders which are integral in the fulfillment of the agency’s mandate.

The industry stakeholders in attendance also expressed their acknowledgement of FPA’s initiatives and current directions as they commit to remain as FPA’s partners in building a strong foundation for the development of the fertilizer and pesticide industry. It comes along with it the social responsbility to educate the farmers and the general public on the safe application of agricultural inputs.


During the occassion, the FPA employees travelled back to the past, the present and the future when everyone dressed themselves according to appropriate fashion of their social generation: Millenials (29 y/o and below)- past, Xennials (30s-40s)- present, Generation X and Baby Boomers (41 y/o and above)- future. The gig defined the theme #FPAGens which can be interpreted as ‘the old generations shall remain young at heart and live longer, and the younger generations shall carry on the legacy started by the older generations.’


The event showcased the talents of FPA employees when the Central Office and the Regional Offices battled during talent showdown. In the end, the Mindanao Cluster (Regions IX-XII, Caraga and ARMM) was declared the champion, achieving the feat for three consecutive years. Their winning entry was a video presentation centered on ‘hopefulness and sharing blessings despite the odds brought about by the recent earthquakes that hit their region.’


Best dressed employees of the different generations are also given recognition and prizes.


Past Generation:

Jonalyn Tolero, PRD (Female)

Rustom Taduyan, FU XI (Male)


Present Generation:      

Sharmaine Tecson, LSD (Female)

Angelo Bugarin, LSD (Male)


Future Generation:          

Imelda Rasay, FU XI (Female)

Charles Joseph Follosco, FU X (Male)

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