QUEZON CITY, January 19, 2022 – The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) and FPA Accredited Training Association (FATA) conducted an evaluation on the educational and training programs seeking to recognize professionals in the fertilizer and pesticide fields. 

FPA and FATA remain in unison in their commitment to providing sound and relevant agricultural training programs, as exhibited in the virtual assembly and singing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on January 19, 2022.


FATA is FPA’s partner in educating the agricultural sector in the use of fertilizer, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals. They create manuals and modules, provide materials, manage the conduct of training and symposium, evaluate participants’ performance, and coordinate with the FPA on complementary training opportunities and initiatives.


The meeting was graced by FATA members: Pest Management Council of the Philippines Foundations, Inc (PMPCPFI), Philippine Association of Certified Pesticide Applicators (PACPA), Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc. (PAE), Philippine Association of Professional Fumigators, Inc (PAPFI), and the Kapisanan ng mga Pest Control Operators sa Pilipinas (KAPESTCOPI). These organizations composed of professionals in the field of fertilizer and pesticide industry gathered to advance educational programs for practitioners to secure quality and judicious circulation and use of fertilizers and pesticides in the country.


In 2021, FATA conducted 20 training sessions benefitting 670 individuals seeking certification as recognized practitioners in the field. However, 80.45% or 539 examinees took the exams for certification of pesticide applicator certification, and accreditation of care officers (Table 1).  Results revealed that individuals who took the tests, 433 (80.33%) passed and were provided with licenses as Agri Certified Pesticide Applicators (CPA) – Fumigators, Agri CPA-Exterminators, Accredited Responsible Care Officers (ARCO), and Fertilizer and Pesticide (F/P) Researchers.

Table 1. Training conducted and exam participants count by the FATA

While the passing rate of professionals is high, those that are considered for removal can retake the exam within a year after the release of the result. Examination dates can vary depending on the current health restrictions and the schedule FPA-RFUs, who conduct the said activity,


Despite the limitations on mobility and improvised learning setup, FATA spearheaded 16 symposiums on new regulations set by FPA and pest control and management (Table 2). These initiatives are aimed at discussing the pest management situation in the Philippines and the programs created by the FPA and the Department of Agriculture concerning the usage of agricultural chemicals which benefitted 1,269 researchers, care officers, and applicators. 

Table 2. Symposiums and participant count of FATA

What to expect in 2022

Practitioners can expect continued training from the FATA on Agricultural CPA-Fumigation and Extermination, ARCO, and F/P Research scattered throughout the year. Schedule of training may be accessed on the FPA website. ###



Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority. Memorandum Circular No. 3: Guidelines in the Accreditation of Training Association. July 16, 2019.

FATA and FPA Annual Meeting on January 19, 2021

Written by: Wendycharlene B. Almasen | Published: 20 January 2022

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