June 3-7, 2024 | Cagayan Valley – To ensure adherence of handlers to fertilizer weighing standards in the region, the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA) – Cagayan Valley team with the supervision of Deputy Director Dr. Myer G. Mula, conducted fertilizer random weighing and plant inspections from June 3-7, 2024. 

The team diligently assessed the weighing practices of fertilizer handlers, scrutinizing their adherence to regulatory standards. Out of 3,458 fertilizer bags weighed, 1,715 were found to be underweight.

The detection of underweight bags highlights areas for improvement within the fertilizer distribution network, signaling the need for enhanced oversight and corrective measures to ensure all stakeholders uphold high standards of quality and accuracy. 

“Accurate weighing is crucial for optimal agricultural yields and minimizing environmental impact. Deviations from specified weights can lead to ineffective fertilization and economic losses for farmers,” Dr. Mula said.

FPA’s recent efforts underscore the ongoing challenges in regulating the fertilizer industry. By conducting thorough assessments and addressing deficiencies, regulatory authorities play a pivotal role in promoting the responsible use of fertilizers and protecting the interests of farmers and consumers alike. ###

Written by: Arwin Cardenas


  Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) Online ISSN: 2815-1674
  Published by the FPA Information and Communications Team