WESTERN VISAYAS | April 04, 2024 – To mitigate the proliferation of underweight fertilizer bags in the market, the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) Western Visayas, together with Dr. Myer G. Mula, the Deputy Executive Director for Fertilizer, and Edward Allen Calapatia, Senior Agriculturist inspected ten (10) fertilizer handlers across Iloilo City, Guimaras, and Iloilo Province on April 1-3, 2024.

The team inspected three (3) importers, three (3) dealers, and four (4) area distributors, namely:

  1. La Filipina Uy Gongco Corp.
  2. Atlas Fertilizer Corp.
  3. Swire Agrotech Agricultural Products
  4. Cantua Agricultural Supply
  5. Joy Reyes Rice Retailer
  6. Hog Cockers Trading
  7. Bacphil Planters Fertilizer Corp.
  8. Model Agro Sales
  9. BT Grains and Agro Agro Corporation
  10. P & A Farm Supply Warehouse

Out of 1,759 fertilizer bags from different brands and grades, including the four major grades (46-0-0, 14-14-14, 21-0-0, 16-20-0), 673 were found to weigh less than the standard 50 kg net weight per bag.

Dr. Mula stressed the critical need for diligent checking during the bagging process and ensuring accurate calibration using electronic weighing machines. He proposed practical solutions such as double-folding sack edges to prevent tearing, closer supervision of bagging processes, and implementing proper ventilation using pallets to safeguard workers’ health.

FPA strongly advised the public, particularly farmers, to weigh fertilizer bags prior to purchase, thoroughly inspect them for any physical defects, and promptly seek replacements if necessary.

This proactive stance by the FPA underscores its commitment to upholding industry standards, ensuring fair trade practices, and safeguarding the interests of farmers in Western Visayas. ###


  Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) Online ISSN: 2815-1674
  Published by the FPA Information and Communications Team