IGUIG, CAGAYAN | March 06, 2024 – In an effort to promote safety standards and empower dealers, the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) Cagayan Valley conducted an Accredited Safety Dispenser (ASD) training for dealers and individuals interested in selling fertilizers and pesticides at DA-SCRC in Minanga, Iguig, Cagayan on March 5, 2024.

The training focused on safe handling practices, essential knowledge about fertilizers and pesticides, protocols for poisoning incidents, first aid management, and the laws and regulations governing the sale of these agricultural inputs.

“This training should not be treated only as a requirement for license application but should also be a responsibility to bear for our farmers. You are our partners in technology transfer,” Regional Officer (RO) Mr. Leonardo A. Bangad said during his opening message.

During the session, a participant asked about the significance of bond labels on pesticides, questioning their necessity if all pesticides have the same impact on the target organism. Provincial Officer (PO) Mr. Keith I. Mabanag clarified that bond labels aren’t tailored for the target organism, but rather for the safety of applicators and non-target creatures, particularly mammals.

As stipulated in the Pesticide Regulatory Policies and Implementing Guidelines (Greenbook), bond labels of pesticides were designed to signify their toxicity level to mammals. It is located below the pesticide label. There are four color bonds: red, which is categorized as dangerous; yellow, which is classified as harmful; blue, which means caution; and green, for least toxic. Red-label pesticides were already banned in the Philippines.

The participants were also reminded to be vigilant about the fake, unregistered, and smuggled fertilizer and pesticide products proliferating in the market.

“Always buy from licensed FPA handlers and contact us to verify a product when they have any doubts regarding its authenticity,” PO Mabanag said.

A total of fifty-three (53) participants from different towns in Cagayan and Isabela attended the training. ###


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