DAVAO DEL SUR | October 18 & 20, 2022 – Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) joined the consultation meeting conducted in Brgy. Matti in Digos City (October 18, 2022), and Brgy. Leling in Hagonoy (October 20, 2022) to discuss the regulations governing mango spraying and the banning of some practices that affected the lives of the nearby communities.


During the meeting, the Local Government and FPA through Provincial Officer (PO) Imelda Q. Rasay initiated the reformatting of the Mango Spraying Standard Procedures by correcting the conventional and inappropriate ways of Mango Pest and Disease Control.


This is in response to the concern regarding the excessive use of chemical inputs for pest and disease control, the timing of application, inconsiderate application of pesticides among nearby communities in mango production, and amending the foregoing ordinance made by the Local Government Unit (LGU) banning mango spraying in residential areas.


PO Rasay cited the importance of the safe and judicious use of pesticides which could lessen the exposure of the chemical handlers as well as the residue and other measures to avoid pesticide drift/inhalation.


Throughout the dialogue, the officials agreed and implemented new guidelines for mango spraying, such as:


1. To sacrifice two (2) fruit trees that will not be sprayed but serve as a buffer zone;

2. Provide signages/notice of spraying schedules two (2) days ahead;

3. Use only Category 3 and 4 chemicals and choose lesser odor;

4. Use only chemicals registered by FPA (City Ag Technician will check/observe during one of their operations);

5. To observe time, weather, and wind velocity to avoid drift;

6. Plant trees to serve as buffers like calumpang and madre de cacao; and

7. To conduct an immediate half-day orientation seminar among mango spray men and the residents on the proper and safe use of pesticides scheduled on October 27, 2022, at the Brgy. Gym, Matti, Digos City, Davao del Sur.


Further, PO Rasay also reminded the sprayers to be aware of the hazards of using pesticides and safeguard themselves through the use of PPEs.


The next step of the dialogue is to conduct a half-day safety seminar for the farmers and residents informing them of their right to a clean air environment.


Overall, 23 participants were in attendance, including the Barangay LGU, City Agriculture, City Health, City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), and FPA, together with the respondents, mango contractors, and residents of said barangays. ###

Written by: Rustom Gain Tanduyan | Published: 27 October 2022

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  Published by the FPA Information and Communications Team