Office Order No. 2024-07

Designation of alternate responsible persons in the absence of the process owner in the Fertilizer Regulations Division

Office Order No. 2024-06

Delegation of authority in conformity with DA’s General Memorandum Order Nos. 1 and 2 Series of 2024

Office Order No. 2024-05

Updated procedures for the electronic signature of the executive director and officer-in-charge in the accreditation documents

Office Order No. 2024-04

Designation of the Authorized Users of the FPA Trade System for the Licensing of Fertilizer Handlers

Office Order No. 2024-03

Reconstitution of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) Committee on Anti-Red Tape (CART)

Office Order No. 2024-02

Guideline on Review and Compliance Procedure for the Submission of the Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN)

Office Order No. 2024-01

Creation of FPA Privacy Management Committee and Amendment of Office Order No. 13 Series of 2023

Office Order No. 2023-22

Reconstitution of the Agency Screening Committee (ASC) for the Certification of Eligibility of FPA S&T Personnel Under Republic Act No. 8439 as Amended by Republic Act 11312