CAMARINES SUR | October 17, 2022 – Forty-one (41) participants from Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte, and Albay attended the Accredited Safety Dispenser (ASD) training held at Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Building, Airport Road, San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur on October 11-12, 2022.


To start the program, Provincial Officer of Camarines Sur (PO) Christopher M. Nuñez gave an overview of the Two-Day ASD training and clarified the purpose of training as one of the prerequisites in applying for FPA License to Operate as a dealer. This training also served as a help to the dealers with no licenses found during the regular inspections and Clean Up drive operations.


PO Ardon Ryan E. Nee-Estuye presented the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority to the participants. He also highlighted the role of ASD personnel as frontline to farmers purchasing fertilizer and pesticide products.


ASD refers to an individual who attended the 2-day training conducted by FPA and passed the examinations administered by the Regional Field Units (RFUs). They must be present at the store during business hours to properly dispense fertilizer and pesticide products to farmers and supervise, advise, and assist buyers on the safe handling and storage of agricultural inputs.


The discussion during the first day focused on pesticides: General Information on Pesticides and its Label, Pesticide Safe Handling, Storage and Transport, Pesticide Poisoning and First Aid, Understanding Integrated Pest Management Concept, and Insecticide Resistance Management.


On the second day, provincial officers discussed Soil, Fertilizer, and Plant Growth, Types of Fertilizer and Plant Growth Promoters, Balanced Fertilization Strategy (BFS) Program, and Fertilizer Handling and Storage. The licensing requirements and good housekeeping were also discussed so that the dealers could prepare the license applications and comply with the FPA’s good housekeeping requirements during the inspection of FPA personnel.


In addition, Regional Officer Gabriel B. Atole addressed the reasons behind the fertilizer price hike & informed the participants of the list of off-specs fertilizer circulating the market.


The team reminded the participants to purchase only FPA-registered fertilizer and pesticide products from FPA-licensed handlers. In case of doubt about their purchased fertilizer and pesticide products, they could contact the assigned Provincial Officer in their area or visit the FPA website and FPA Region V Facebook page for more information.


The team was headed by Regional Officer Mr. Gabriel B. Atole, FPA-Albay Provincial Officer Mr. Winsor L. Nueva, FPA-Cam. Sur and Catanduanes Provincial Officer Engr. Christohper M. Nuñez, FPA-Cam. Norte Provincial Officer Engr. Cris L. Legaspi, FPA-Sorsogon Provincial Officer Engr. Ardon Ryan E. Nee-Estuye and Regional Staff Ms. Rosie T. Malazar. ###

Written by: Christopher M. Nuñez | Published: 18 October 2022

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  Published by the FPA Information and Communications Team