LOCOS | March 05, 2024 – 1,157 bags of fertilizers were weighed from 9 warehouses during the intensive inspection conducted by FPA in Region I from February 26-29, 2024, namely:

  1. Business Prime Enterprises Incorporation
  2. JRT Chemtrade Co. Inc.,
  3. Ruiz Agro Farm Supply and GM
  4. Bacarra Zanera Irrigators MPCI
  5. Gagetan Aramid Agri. Corp
  6. Gwyneth’s Agricultural Supply
  7. Jedeco Trading Corp.
  8. Solid North Marketing Corp.
  9. Universal Leaf Philippines, Inc.

The activity aimed to monitor the compliance of handlers to the standard weight of fertilizers per bag at 50 kgs and that the input quality meets regulatory standards. Out of 1,157 bags, 782 were found to be underweight. The team advised the fertilizer owners to perform random weight checks before accepting fertilizers from importers and manufacturers, following the standard 50 kg net weight for fertilizer bags.

Dr. Mula also engaged in discussions with warehouse owners and staff to highlight the adverse effects of underweight fertilizers on agricultural productivity.

“We should ensure the accuracy of fertilizer weights before selling them to the farmers. At the same time, our farmers should also be vigilant when purchasing fertilizers to ensure they meet both weight and quality requirements,” Dr. Mula said.

Deputy Executive Director for Fertilizer (DEDF) Dr. Myer G. Mula, Regional Officer (RO) Mr. Joseph Andre John O. Matinez, and Senior Agriculturist Edward Allen A Calapatia led the activity. ###


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