PADADA, DAVAO DEL SUR | AUGUST 08, 2022 – In order to obtain a License to Operate (LTO) as mango contractor, forty-one (41) mango contractors and growers attended the mango contractors training held at the Municipal Gymnasium, Padada, Davao del Sur on August 4, 2022. 


Regional Officer (RO) Marrisa Napalit discussed the PD 1144, including the creation, duties, responsibilities, and regulations of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA). 


Provincial Officer (PO) Rustom Gain Tanduyan tackled the EO 522 of the PNP-FEO, MC 93-05, covering the FPA rules and regulations governing the mango industry and the acquisition of the use of nitrates. 


Potassium Nitrate (KNO₃) has inherent qualities beneficial to flower-inducing for mango and other crops. However, KNO₃ and other nitrates are substances that are found to be potentially carcinogenic and can be used for explosives. Therefore, importation, sale, possession, and use of these chemicals are restricted and subject to strict supervision by the Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) of the Philippine National Police (PNP).


PO Imelda Rasay discussed the recognition and first aid management of pesticide poisoning cases. The team also discussed the Balanced Fertilization Strategy (BFS).


BFS is a program that includes the FPA, and other DA agencies involved in farming. The idea of the program is to institutionalize the use of organic and inorganic fertilizers and other forms of strategies (i.e., green manuring or cover cropping, individual farm soil fertility maps, diversifying and improving cropping system, etc.) to attain the maximum potential of farmlands while maintaining soil structure and fertility.


The said strategy applies the 4Rs in fertilization: Right Source, Right Placement, Right Amount, and Right Rate to help enhance soil health and productivity, prevent declining soil fertility and improve fertilizer availability and costs.


Agway Chemicals Corp. discussed the remaining technical topics, including plant nutrition, correct use of mango flower inducer, cultural practices, insect pests, disease management, pesticide information, classification, safe use in mango production, Mode of Action (MOA) Classification, Insecticide Resistance Action Committees (IRAC) and Fungicide Resistance Action Committees (FRAC).


The newly trained participants will be eligible to apply for a License to Operate (LTO) as mango contractor. ###

Written by: Rustom Gain A. Tanduyan | Published: 09 August 2022

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