The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) advises the public not to buy fake pesticides in the market.


After reports of smuggled pesticide products from China has been confiscated in Cagayan Valley, Executive Director Wilfredo Roldan during his opening remarks during the Pesticide Handling Training held at the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) facilitated by the Field Operations and Coordinating Unit (FOCU) on October 28, said that such should not be availed of since these may harm both the user and the environment.


He advised farmers to always buy FPA registered pesticides by looking at the product label.


“It is obvious that some of these products came from other countries since their label is written in a foreign language, making it hard for us to understand their chemical contents,” he said.


He explained that farmers tend to buy cheaper smuggled pesticide products without considering the efficacy and safety of the product.


Dir. Roldan then urged the public to report incidence of entry and proliferation of pesticide products to FPA Central Office and its Regional Offices for investigation and confiscation.


“The public may also refer to the FPA’s social media accounts and website where they could be updated on fertilizer and pesticide regulations, and be educated on the information campaign efforts of the agency.”


Meanwhile, FPA has the mandate to ensure the safety and quality of fertilizer and pesticides through product registration, institutionalization of product stewardship program, and conduct of relevant information campaign.



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