To educate stakeholders on the different regulatory services of FPA, the FPA, through the Planning, Management and Information Division (PMID), launched a weekly Webinar Series held from 21 October to December 2, 2020.


The program also served as a platform where public inquiries and concerns could be addressed.


A total of 549 participants attended the webinar, of which 39 participants are able to attend all the episodes.


The topics include FPA Mandate and Functions and Amendments in the Regulatory Policies and Implementing Guidelines for Fertilizer and Pesticide (Episode 1); Issuance of Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) and Third-Party Authorization (TPA) for Fertilizer and Pesticide (Episode 2); Issuance of Licenses to Fertilizer and Pesticide Handlers (Episode 3); Issuance of VAT Exemption (Fertilizer), Certificate of Application for the Importation of Pesticides, EUP and Other Certificates for Fertilizer and Pesticide Regulations (Episode 4); Accreditation of Responsible Care Officer (ARCO), Safety Dispenser (ASD), Agricultural Certified Pesticide Applicator (CPA) and Fertilizer and Pesticide Researcher (Episode 5); and Registration of Plant-Incorporated Protectant, Issuance of Permit to Purchase Methyl Bromide, Laboratory Analysis for Fertilizer and Pesticide Samples, and FPA Laboratory Recognition Program (Episode 6).


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