The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority recognized the efforts of its different offices, both from the Central and Regional Office, for their invaluable contribution in the fulfillment of FPA’s mandate and to the implementation of the Ease of Doing Business and Government Service Delivery Act during the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) held on 6 February 2020 at the FPA Central Office.


The activity is pursuant to Civil Service Commission (CSC) Memo Circular No. 1 series of 2001 which seeks to provide monetary and non-monetary awards and incentives to recognize, acknowledge, and reward productive, creative, innovative and ethical behaviour of employees through formal and informal mode.


Group Awardees


  • Highest Budget Utilization among the Offices in the Central Office- Finance and Administrative Division
  • Highest Budget Utilization among Field Units- FPA Field Unit VI
  • Most Compliant Division in the Submission of Reportorial Requirements- Laboratory Services Division
  • Most Compliant Field Unit in the Submission of Reportorial Requirements:-FPA Field Unit VI
  • Highest Percentage of Attendance during Flag Raising Ceremonies- Laboratory Services Division
  • Gawad #FPAJournal-  Field Unit II
  • Best Presenter- FPA Field Unit VII


Individual Awardee


  • Gawad Huwaran- Angelo S. Bugarin


The Highest Budget Utilization Award honors office with the highest budget utilization rate which demonstrates the capacity of their Division/Office to disburse allocated funds and implement plans programs and projects in a timely manner.


The Most Compliant Division/Field Unit Award recognizes offices for the timely and accurate submission of reportorial requirements with complete attachments, which greatly contributed in fast-tracking office transactions and operations.


The Highest Percentage of Attendance during Flag Raising Ceremonies recognizes the Division in the Central Office with the highest number of personnel who regularly attends the flag raising ceremony. This is in compliance to the CSC MC No. 19 series of 2012 (Observance of Flag Raising Ceremonies).


The Gawad #FPAJournal is given to the most active Field Unit in the promotion of FPA’s programs, services and activities through social media platforms. 


The Best Presenter Award  is given to the office who showcased excellent presentation of their targets, accomplishments and budget justifications, through accurate presentation of data, clarity of explanation and observance of the time allotment for presentations, during the conduct of Annual Planning Workshops.


The Gawad Huwaran recognizes employees for their unwavering commitment, dedication and leadership exemplified as officer and member of the different Committees in the agency.


A preliminary award ceremony during the Mid-Year Planning was earlier conducted. The following FUs were recognized when they performed better among other regions: FPA Field Unit X for the Highest Budget Utilization Rate,FPA Field Unit V for the Most Compliant Region in the Submission of Financial Claims, and FPA Field Unit II for the Most Compliant Region in the Submission of Reportorial Requirements.


Executive Wilfredo Roldan said that the awards ceremony is a way of boosting the morale and dedication of every FPA personnel which is timely with the target for ‘agency-wide’ ISO certification for FPA.


The awardees received plaque of recognition, certificates and gift items which was handed over by Executive Director Wilfredo Roldan together with Deputy Executive Director for Fertilizer and Pesticide Eric Divinagracia and former Acting Deputy Director for Fertilizer Antonio Cruz Jr.


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