• FPA started the CY 2019 by having a comprehensive review of its systems and procedures which later on became the bases of the Agency’s Revised Citizen’s Charter 2019. This is pursuant to the passage of the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act (RA 11032) which enabled the Agency to cut processing time and requirements for registration of fertilizer and pesticide products, licensing of establishments and accreditation of individuals such as researchers, pesticide applicators and responsible care officers.


  • With FPA’s desire to streamline its regulatory services, the Agency was able to come up with FPA’s Strategy Map 2019-2022, a framework which presents FPA’s strategies in fulfilling its four strategic thrusts —fertilizer and pesticide regulation, education and product stewardship, harmonization with international standards, and good governance.


  • FPA embarked on its journey to becoming ISO 9001: 2015 certified. The Agency created the Quality Management System (QMS) Committee and its support teams which shall ensure that all requirements are aligned with the ISO 9001: 2015 Standards. The said Committee attended related capacity-building activities facilitated and sponsored by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP).


  • The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) received recognition from the Government Quality Management Committee (GQMC) for successfully establishing and implementing a Quality Management System Certified to ISO 9001:2015 in compliance with Executive Order No. 605 series of 2017. The award specifically refer to the FPA ISO certification on the issuance of licenses, registrations, and permits for fertilizer. The award was received by FPA at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City on 24 October 2019. Meanwhile, FRD was able to sustain said ISO Certification after the conduct of Stage 2 Certification Audit by TUVR Rheinland auditors on 20 August 2019.


  • The Laboratory Services Division (LSD) of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) has successfully attained ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation from the Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB) on October 2019. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 is an international standard against which laboratories around the globe can be accredited. The accreditation is based primarily on the ability of a laboratory to demonstrate operational and technical competence in generating valid and reliable laboratory test results thereby allowing acknowledgment of a laboratory’s competence both locally and internationally.


  • On October 2019, the FPA Board of Directors (BoD) approved the proposed amendments of the Regulatory Policies and Implementing Guidelines for Fertilizer (Bluebook) and Pesticide (Greenbook)at the Landbank Center, Malate, Manila. These serve as the primary guide documents for the regulatory services of the agency.


Further, FPA is able to accomplish the following for its frontline services as of December 2019:



Fertilizer Regulations Division


  • 991 fertilizer product registration certificates issued
  • 973 licenses for fertilizer handlers, dealers and warehouses issued
  • 300 Experimental Use Permits (EUPs) issued
  • 2,085 certification for VAT exemption and other permits released


Pesticide Regulations Division


  • 652 approved licenses for pesticide handlers, dealers, pest control operators and warehouses
  • 2,670 approved agricultural product registrations
  • 2,670 Experimental Use Permits (EUPs) issued
  • 3,416 approved pesticide importation and other certifications


Laboratory Service Division


  • 55 permits to purchase Methyl Bromide issued


Planning, Management and Information Division


  • 3,247 individuals were accredited ASD, ARCO, Researcher and Drone Applicators


Further, the regional offices issued 4,066 licenses to fertilizer and pesticide handlers, warehouses and other regulatory documents. These were achieved after a thorough monitoring and inspection of 21, 626 handlers and 104,322 products nationwide. It also resulted in the identification of 907 unlicensed fertilizer and pesticide handlers vis-a-vis 24 unregistered products. Further, 833 enforcement activities were conducted which includes the issuance of notice of violation (NVs), and Stop Use/Move/Sale (SUMS) orders.


On the conduct of information, education and communication (IEC) on the safe and judicious use of fertilizer and pesticides, it includes the conduct of 67 ASD trainings, 27 FATA supervised trainings, 312 provision of technical assistance, and 18 community radio information campaign activities.


Overall, there were 25,525 regulatory documents issued.


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