FPA heightens monitoring of off-specification local blended fertilizers in Aurora Province

Written by : Mr. William V. Gante, Provincial Agriculturist |  Published: 19 February 2024



Mr. Sonny Domingo (in red shirt) incurred an estimated loss of Php 175,000 after applying 50 bags of KASAKA 8-8-8 to his 14 hectares corn field sown last November 2023. 


February 17, 2024 | Province of Aurora – To protect our farmers and fishers as end-users of fertilizers, FPA Deputy Executive Director Myer Mula, conducted consultation with farmers affected by the alleged off-specs of local blended fertilizer, KASAKA 8-8-8, in the Municipality of Dilasag.


Off-specification fertilizers are those that have not met the required amount of nutrients as registered in FPA.


During the meeting last 14 February 2024, seven affected farmers shared that 218 bags KASAKA 8-8-8, each weighing 50kgs, were applied to a total of 32.4 hectares of corn fields.


They observed that the fertilizer has no significant effect to their corn, indicating an abnormal average growth of only 3ft from sowing on November 2023 to its current maturity on February 15. It also produces only 2-3 inches ear, which is considered as unproductive. The farmers estimate Php 400,000 loss incurred.


During the growing period, the farmers have persisted on coordinating with the Floodgates Agri Venture Corporation representatives, for them to observe their crops from the vegetative to maturity stage. Without receiving any response from the company, they raised the issue to DA and FPA.


Dr. Mula advised the farmers to be vigilant of new fertilizer products being sold in the market. “Farmers should always coordinate with FPA through our Provincial Agriculturists, if new fertilizer products are being sold, to confirm their authenticity,” he said.



Other issues discussed included identification of underweight fertilizers, advantages of purchasing branded fertilizers, and strictly following the fertilizer recommended rate in kilograms, not in bags. ###


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