66 safety dispensers attend ASD refresher course in Davao

Written by : Rustom Gain Tanduyan |  Published: 23 May 2023




DAVAO CITY | MAY 19, 2023 – Sixty-six (66) participants from the different provinces in and outside Davao Region attended the refresher course training for Accredited Safety Dispenser (ASD) at Apo View Hotel, Davao City, on May 18, 2023.


ASD training is one of the requirements for the License to Operate (LTO) as a dealer. As the one present in the store, safety dispensers for fertilizer and pesticides must undergo training conducted by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) to properly dispense the products to farmers and assist buyers in safely handling and storing agricultural inputs.


The program is designed to refresh existing and new safety dispensers on the regulations, processes, and penalties for violations under Presidential Decree No. 1144.


In addition, provincial officers carefully trained dispensers on the proper handling, packaging, and storage of fertilizers, good housekeeping, fertilizer quality control, and the risk appraisal checklist scoring.


The team also demonstrated the first-aid procedures in case of pesticide poisoning. It is important to educate these dispensers to avoid fatal risks when using these products.


Afterward, the participants were evaluated through a series of pre-test and post-tests, which will be used as a basis for FPA's Accredited Safety Dispensers.


The team is headed by Regional Officer Marrisa Napalit, Provincial Officers (PO) Evan Bojos, Rustom Gain Tanduyan, Louie Palarao, and Cheery Agrade. The training is in collaboration with Syngenta Product Stewardship Manager Ms. Catherine Sumagaysay. ###



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