30 farmers in Abulug learned the concept of BFS

Written by : Arwin A. Cardenas |  Published: 11 May 2023




ABULUG, CAGAYAN | May 10, 2023 – The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and FPA Cagayan Valley conducted a seminar for thirty (30) farmers about Balanced Fertilization Strategy (BFS) in Abulug Municipal Hall on May 09, 2023.


Provincial Officer (PO) Henry C. Cayaban, Jr. discussed the principles and importance of BFS program, emphasizing its benefits to the soil and the farmers. He also explained the steps and strategies to implement BFS, like using organic fertilizers and other alternative sources of plant nutrients through integrated nutrient management.


"Inorganic fertilizers feed the plant, but organic fertilizers feed the soil," he said during his discussion.


BFS aims to institutionalize the use of organic and inorganic fertilizers and other forms of strategies like green manuring or cover cropping, individual farm soil fertility maps, diversifying and improving cropping system, among others, to attain the maximum potential of farmlands while maintaining soil structure and fertility.


The said strategy applies the 4Rs in fertilization: Right Source, Right Placement, Right Amount, and Right Rate to help enhance soil health and productivity, prevent the decline in soil fertility, and improve fertilizer availability and costs. ###



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