FPA regulatory policies and implementing guideline airs on DXKL 97.5 Radyo Astig in Digos City

Written by : Rustom Gain Tanduyan |  Published: 02 December 2022




DIGOS CITY, DAVAO DEL SUR | November 30, 2022 – Provincial (PO) Officer Imelda Rasay participated again in a radio program aired last November 18 on DXKL 97.5 Radyo Astig as part of FPA’s commitment in providing knowledge-based awareness on fertilizer and pesticide products and handlers.


On its fifth installment, the program focused on the FPA's regulations on License to Operate (LTO) as handlers, as well as on the product registration process of fertilizers and pesticides in the Philippines.


PO Rasay highlighted Section 9 of the P.D. 1144 (FPA) which states that “no pesticides, fertilizers, or other agricultural chemicals should be exported, imported, manufactured, formulated, stored, distributed, sold, or offered for sale, transported, delivered for transportation or used unless it has been duly registered with the FPA”. In addition, she emphasized that no person should be engaged in the business of exporting, importing, manufacturing, formulating, distributing, supplying, repacking, storing, commercially applying, selling, or marketing any pesticides, fertilizer, and other agricultural chemicals except under a license issued by the FPA.


This 1-hour information drive of FPA on the regulatory policies on fertilizers and pesticides is ongoing on a regular time slot every 2nd Friday of the month on DXKL 97.5 Radyo Astig in Digos City, Davao del Sur.


The said radio program was co-sponsored by the United Top Agro Products and was also live-streamed on General Trade Manager Mr. Chito Eltagonde’s Facebook account. ###



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