FPA RFU 10 orients mango contractors and growers on the use of nitrate-based fertilizers

Written by Romnick N. Boctot, Provincial officer of Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City  l  Published: 28 June 2022






OROQUIETA CITY, MISAMIS OCCIDENTAL | June 27, 2022 – In collaboration with Agway Chemicals Corporation, the City Agriculture Office of Oroquieta, and the Provincial Agriculture Office of Misamis Occidental, the FPA Northern Mindanao oriented the Mango Contractors and Growers on the acquisition of nitrate-based fertilizers last June 7, 2022 at the Training Capitol Cultural Center.


Provincial Officer (PO) Lorna Sajol explained the existing regulations of R.A 9516 regarding the acquisition of potassium nitrate and other nitrates for agricultural use to the fourteen mango contractors and growers. Only FPA-licensed mango contractors and growers can purchase and use potassium nitrate and other nitrates for mango flower induction.


Pesticides and safe handling of the agricultural chemicals provided under Presidential Decree 1144 were also tackled specifically the:


  • Adoption of good agricultural practices (GAP) in pesticide formulation and application.
  • Sale, manufacture, and marketing of FPA-registered pesticide products
  • Sanctions imposed on unregistered, adulterated, and mislabeled products.

Meanwhile, Jerson Bajenting and Ambrosio Bariquit, Agway Chemicals Corporation’s Technical Commercial Manager and Consultant, respectively; discussed about plant nutrition, flower induction, cultural practices, insect and pest identification, and disease management for mango as part of their product stewardship and responsible care program. ###






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 Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (2020). Pesticide regulatory policies and implementing







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