Fertilizer Regulations

The Fertilizer Regulations Division (FRD) ensures the quality and efficacy of fertilizer inputs before these will be available in the market. This is through FRD’s function to process new and renewal applications for fertilizer product registration and licensing of handlers. The Fertilizer Regulatory Policies and Implementing Guidelines (Bluebook) serves as the primary guidance in FRD’s regulations.

Pesticide Regulations

The Pesticide Regulations Division (PRD) handles the processing of product registration and licensing of pesticide handlers. Regulatory procedures follow the Pesticide Regulatory Policies and Implementing Guidelines (Greenbook).

Accreditation, Training and Public Information

The Planning, Management and Information Division (PMID) serves as a support division with the function to consolidate all plans from the different divisions, programs development, risk assessment and systems improvement coordination, and public information and dissemination. Aside from the said activities, the PMID facilitates the training and accreditation activities of FPA.

Laboratory Services and Quality Control

The Laboratory Services Division supports the standards-setting and regulatory functions of FPA. LSD ensures that the fertilizer and pesticide products being registered strictly conform with established standards and specifications.

Field Operations, Monitoring and Enforcement

The Field Units (FUs) are the operating arms of the Agency responsible with the direct implementation of plans and programs in accordance with approved policies and standards. standards and specifications.