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Date Posted September  2015

ON August 4-7, 2015, the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA)-Regional Office 2 had conducted clean-up drive operations in the two largest provinces of the Cagayan Valley Region (CVR) to determine if the fertilizers and agricultural handlers in the said areas are properly complying with the rules and regulations stipulated in the Presidential Decree (PD) 1144.


The said activity was spearheaded by Mr. Henry M. Fronda, Regional Officer of the FPA-Regional Office 2 together with the following provincial development officers from their designated areas: Mr. Leonardo Bangad from Isabela Province; Mr. Reynaldo A. Mozuela from Nueva Vizcaya; and Mr. Arwin A. Cardenas from Cagayan Province.

The four-day clean-up drive was conducted in the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela. Based on the result of the said activity, there are establishments that were found to commit minor violations, such as 1) lack of pallets for fertilizers, 2) inadequate sanitation, 3) fertilizer bags for retailing that were left open and/or exposed and 4) improper and/or not displaying of the FPA license.

Based on the observed violations, the owners of these establishments were properly notified and were given recommendations on the proper ways of handling fertilizers and agricultural pesticides as well as good housekeeping. The FPA-Regional Office 2 team is eyeing another schedule of clean-up drive in the other provinces of Cagayan Valley, which is targeted to be conducted on the last quarter of the year.