Five training associations have renewed their partnership with FPA for the conduct ofeducation, training and motivation programs foragricultural pesticide applicators.


They are the Kapisanan ng mga Pest Control Operators saPilipinas, Inc. (KAPESCOPI), Philippine Association of Certified Pesticide Applicators (PACPA), PMCP Foundation, Inc., the Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc. (PAE), and the Philippine Association of Professional Fumigators, Inc.(PAPFI).


On 16 April 2019, said associations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with FPA that delineates the shared responsibility for training management.


FPA will provide application forms to the applicants; monitor the proceedings of the training course; administer the examination for Certification/Accreditation; and provide the basic training requirements in the form of guidelines and parameters for the training course.


On the other hand, the training associations have the responsibility to provide supervision and management over the training course; provide resource persons as required in the program; evaluate the applicants using the eligibility criteria set forth by the FPA; provide the needed materials, manuals and supplies, including certificates and other paraphernalia needs in the training program; and, collect reasonable fees to defray the cost of food, material, resource speakers, management, etc.


Further, they should evaluate the participants’ training performance based on the criteria set forth by FPA; and submit to FPA a training report which shall include the following: program, resource speakers, result of evaluation of participants’ training performance and financial report a week after the training has been conducted.


The training associations have been tapped given their technical and management capabilities to conduct training and symposium for Certified Pesticide Applicator (CPA) - Agricultural Exterminator and Agricultural Fumigator, and is willing to assist and provide FPA with the necessary training support services in its Certification Course.


It has to be taken note that only applicants who are employed by pest control operators registered with FPA and who have attended the required training courses shall be allowed to take the FPA accreditation examinations.


"Go beyond your purpose of doing business by serving the public and the agricultural sector. Your business must have more meaning,"advised Executive Director Wilfredo Roldanduring the MOU Program Signing.