Blue Book


This Guidebook on FPA Fertilizer Regulatory Policies is the first of its kind to be published by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority since its creation pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1144 issued on May 30, 1977. With the global development and free movement of goods specifically fertilizer products, there is a compelling need to harmonize fertilizer policies in order to make it responsive to the needs of the time and to stay in this globally competitive market.


This publication contains seven (7) chapters, namely, (Chapter I) The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority; (Chapter II) Fertilizer Product Registration; (Chapter III) Licensing of Handlers; (Chapter IV) Fertilizer Movement, Supply and Quality Product Standard; (Chapter V) Fertilizer Information and Statistics; (Chapter VI) Trainings; (Chapter VII) Penal Provisions and Enforcement Action which are all clearly presented and defined for the guidance of the concerned industry participants


It is hoped that this document could serve as a reference and encouragement to all our stakeholders and prospective investors to further enhance the fertilizer registration process to make it more effective, efficient and transparent. Moreover, we believe that this guidebook could contribute in enhancing the fertilizer business, as well as sustaining the country’s productivity and food security.



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Green Book


The first guidebook on “FPA Pesticide Regulatory Policies and the Implementing Guidelines and Procedures “ came out in October, 1985. After about ten (10) years of implementation, a number of problems had cropped up concerning the practicability and/or ambiguity of some of its provisions, certain difficulties encountered by the Authority in pursuing its mandate, as well as in coping with the rapid changes and development in the pesticide industry. In the main context these provided the reasons for the revision and updating of this document.


This revised edition of the guidebook, now simply entitled “ FPA PESTICIDE REGULATORY POLICIES AND IMPLEMENTING GUIDELINES”, not only reorganized the different topics covered in the first edition, but also included new topics such as the fast developing group of biorational pesticides and the principle of product stewardship and responsible care.



The first chapter deals with the mandate and structure of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority. Chapter 2 integrates all the rules and regulations pertaining to chemical pesticides registration including all the data and information requirements. Chapter 3 is devoted to biorational pesticides to highlight its emerging importance, while Chapter 4 discusses licensing requirements for pesticide handlers. Chapter 5 is devoted to product stewardship and responsible care which includes the guidelines on formulation, packaging, labeling, transport, storage, and disposal. Similarly, Chapter 6 lumps the monitoring and regulation of post-registration activities which includes pesticide residue concerns, health and environmental aspects, handler’s inspection, etc.



The last two chapters deal with penalty provisions for violations of any policy and rules of the Authority and miscellaneous provisions and other concerns not covered in the preceding chapters.



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